Tom Pohlman


“I am a local artist calling Dublin home since 2012. I grew up in Toledo, attended Columbus College of Art & Design, and hopped around every side of Columbus over the course of 20 years – only taking a brief hiatus to live in New Mexico for several years. Having found my way back, I have come to appreciate how much beauty is right here in our own backyard!

Over the past few years the landscape has really started to change here in Dublin, which has prompted me to dedicate myself to documenting the growth and evolution of this vibrant city. My mission is to capture the sense of community, preserve historic places and events – freeze moments in time for your eyes to synthesize and attach your own meaning to.

There is a simple kind of magic that happens just by blending a few pigments and juxtaposing shapes on a two-dimensional surface that can unlock a memory, make you feel warmth, remind you of one perfect moment – that is the alchemy I am always grasping for.”

– Tom Pohlman