Art Lessons – Get Creative With Us!

Terra Gallery Art Classes

No matter your skill level or age anyone can become a skilled artist! At Terra Gallery you will get one-on-one or small group instruction from our experienced artists to develop your understanding of colors and use that to create a work of art.

All supplies are complimentary –  (paints, mediums, canvases, brushes, easels) and  you can pick your own canvas size. No clean up – we’ll do that.

Private vs. Semi Private

Private Classes: $45 for one hour OR $40 per hour for 2 or more hours per session.

These classes will give you one-on-one attention with your instructor.

Semi-Private Classes: $35 per hour:

In these classes you will be accompanied by as many as 6 other students depending on the demand for that day.

Styles/ Mediums Offered

Impressionistic, Realistic Abstract

Acrylic, Charcoal, Colored Pencil, Pastel, Paper Crafts, Metal, Watercolor, Mixed Media, Wood


Classes Levels Offered

Beginner/ Intermediate class:

Learn basic art skills including color, composition, brush strokes, style and effects of different mediums/techniques

Advanced class

The advanced class will allow you to create  an original artwork for your home or office (any size up to 5 by 6 feet)  or refine one of your existing artworks in progress.   You will work with our in house artist to refine your style, color mixing techniques and/or composition.  Pricing may vary depending on the size of your finished canvas.

Cancellation Policy

Here at Terra Gallery we understand that life isn’t always predictable so we request at least a two hour notice if you will not be able to attend your class.


Please call 614-726-9260 or email to request dates and times.