Private Classes

Terra Gallery is now offering private art classes

No matter your skill level or age anyone can become a skilled artist! At Terra Gallery you will get one on one or small group instruction from one of our experienced artist to develop your understanding of colors and how to use that to create a work of art.

Private vs. Semi Private

Private Classes $45 per hour:

These classes will give you one on one attention with your instructor.

SemiPrivate Classes $40 per hour:

In these classes you will be accompanied by as many as 10 other students depending on the demand for that day.

Days offered

Monday and Tuesday 6:30pm-8:30pm

Please call 614-726-9260 to request other dates and times.


styles/ mediums Offered

Impressionistic, landscape, abstract, seascape

Acrylic                                                   Charcoal

Colored Pencil                                   Pastel

Paper Crafts                                         Metal

Watercolor                                           Wood

Classes Offered

Beginner/ intermediate class:

You have the option to take our 4 week Semi Private class  at $35 per hour or our Private class at $45 per hour .

Or you can choose to sign up for our 8 week Semi Private class at $40 per hour or our Private class at $50 per hour  for 7 weeks and then you receive your last class for free.

Advanced class

This advanced class will be an 8 week course where you will create your own large artwork (with close guidance from your instructor)  to hang in your home. You will work with our in house artist to pick your style, colors, and the size of your finished piece. Your first 3 classes will focus on the fundamentals on a small canvas, then the following 5 classes will build off of  what you have learned and you will then create your large piece. Pricing will vary depending on the size of your finished canvas.

Cancellation Policy

Here at Terra Gallery we understand that life isn’t always predictable so we request at least a two hour notice if you will not be able to attend your class.