Custom Designer Framing

You take pride in making your art by hand; why surround it with a factory frame? Here at Terra Gallery, we offer custom hand-made, museum quality frames from regional hardwoods in any desired finish. Our frames are skillfully crafted on a made-to-order basis and never pre-made. 

Most frames are made of inexpensive imported woods or increasingly common plastics which are cut and joined by a framer locally. Joints of our competitor’s frames are often unglued and simply stapled together, and mitters (or joints) often come apart. Our custom made frames are decidedly different.

In the business of framing, we don’t cut corners. Our regionally sourced woods range from: oak, poplar, basswood, or any other regional wood of your choice. We are selective of our materials and each piece is individually selected for stability and cosmetic appeal. Then, our wooden components are securely joined using both metal fasteners and glue for a frame as enduring as your artwork. After the frame is made, our finishing process ensures a uniform color and look. Our variety of unique finishes can be individually made to suit your artwork or decor. Our most popular options are: solid color or traditional stain, paint, or metal leaf. We welcome special requests and encourage you to think outside the frame!

Framing prices guaranteed at least 10-25% less than all other central Ohio competitor’s lowest sale price!

Choose from thousands of frames to fit any budget and any style. Our experienced framers can guide you select or create the perfect frame to complement for art and your space.

Custom Frames: In addition to our large standard frame selections, we offer locally fabricated museum quality custom frames which are hand cut/routed, hand stained, painted and/or leafed with gold, silver, or aluminum metal leaf.  Styles include traditional wrap over or contemporary float frames.  Our custom woodworker can make frames from any wood type including solid oak, poplar, basswood, cherry, etc.

Post-Class Framing

After creating a masterpiece with one of our studio artists, custom framing is the best way to elevate your piece! We offer a discounted framing rate of 15% for those who would like to utilize our in-house framing specialist, after creating an original work of art.

What can we frame?

Anything really…

  • Paintings
  • Watercolors
  • Drawings
  • Photography
  • Oils and canvas stretching
  • Prints and posters
  • Certificates
  • Sporting Memorabilia
  • Mirrors

In Gallery or Complementary In Home/Office Services:

Our framing specialist, Diana Lynd, can come to your home or office to see your space for a consultation to  help you decide what frame will work best.  Diana can deliver your finished piece to you in within one to two weeks

For further details please call:   (614) 726-9260

Our Framing Specialist

                   Diana Lynd