Corporate Art Portfolio

the Girl with the pearl hair in historic Dublin

The Pearl Restaurant

The Pearl Restaurant 

The Girl with Pearl Hair

The Girl with Pearl Hair

We are happy to have worked with the newest of Dublin’s Cameron Mitchell restaurants! Terra Gallery’s artist Arlene created this lovely portrait “The Girl with Pearls in Her Hair.” 


The Ohio State University

Ohio State tasked Terra Gallery with creating a unique wall sculpture made of license plates for their student union.  We were able to make them a 3D sculpture with each plate representing the colors of each state college. Some of the license plates used date back to as early as the 1920’s.

Bob webb model home

Terra Gallery is proud to partner with Bob Webb homes to outfit their Eversole Run Model Home.  Each piece was created and picked out specifically to compliment and optimize the decor and feel of this home. This artwork will be changing out periodically so you can view it in the home by contacting their office.




Cameron Mitchell Restaurant

 Hertz Investment Group

Hertz investment group tasked Terra Gallery with creating custom artwork for each of their elevator lobbies. Many pieces are reflective of the twin towers in which Hertz investments owns and manages. We were also able to introduce a few glass sculptures to compliment the paintings on the first floor.



The Hyatt Regency – Downtown Columbus

Terra Gallery was tasked with creating 40 custom artworks to reflect iconic images of downtown Columbus for the many spaces that the Hyatt needed enhanced by art. We were able to create custom pieces that ranged from abstract to more photo realistic. We were also able to give them pieces in several different mediums.



Terra Gallery created this piece to reflect Eddie Bauer’s mission statement “Live your adventure”. They requested that we create an acrylic painting inspired by the rocky mountains that would perfectly fit above their mantel in their Easton location.



The Buggy Works development tasked Terra Gallery to create a five piece painting for each of their conference rooms encompassing a colorful lively scene from each of their trucking and distribution centers. We then created  a three piece city scape of  downtown Columbus for their corporate boardroom.