Clay Sneller

About the Artist

I am primarily a self-taught  artist with diverse themes and styles.  My creative decisions are  guided by my immediate interests and sensibilities.  I create works that feel right to  me.  Creating a mood is paramount in my art.  It is the mood that first draws me to an  idea, and it is the mood that evolves while painting that drives the final  work.

My works gravitate towards subtle, introspective moods whether they are landscapes, figurative, cityscapes, or other themes. Viewers are pulled into unique quiet worlds created by colors, shapes, perspective, and reducing compositional elements.  Even my more expansive scenes pull you back to a small, private world.

I work in oils in my studio.  Most of my works in recent years derive mainly from my imagination or sketches.   Inspiration comes from a fleeting scene, a studied observation, an abstract  notion, a phrase, a quick sketch, anything that suggests a compelling mood.   I also will work from photographs I take while traveling.

– Clay Sneller